Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

The Love Tree

"I see a huge climbing tree
with love inscribed on wood,
carved initials in a heart
where true love surely stood.

A couple sat beneath the tree
despite the rainy weather,
hugs and kisses, holding hands,
spending time together.

The sweethearts adorned the tree
with a promise that is true,
proof that love endures the ages
after all that they went through.

Time spent there reminiscing
of good times now in the past,
they would return to the tree
open to feelings that would last.

Years went by, memories faded
and the tree soon stood alone,
the initials seen within a heart
was a treasure to be known.

The tree held perfect meaning
after the carvers passed away,
Left behind are the engravings
of the love they felt that day."

A Poem by Shelley Williams