My Love of British Birds

Little Birdy Set of Three Decorations

This set of British birds is home to the Long Tailed Tit, the Kingfisher, and the Bullfinch. Available as a single decoration of triple pack. Inspired by the beautiful contours of my favourite birds, with their instantly recognisable shapes.

These designs are inspired by a Hummingbird in flight and a Robin Red Breast perched on a snowy branch in winter time.  As a designer I love exploring the 2D and 3D shapes that are possible with copper wire work. Using the wire to draw each bird, I have tried to capture their essence in a minimal style, looking at the key shapes that give each species their individual character.


Garden Birds Set of Three Decorations

A triple pack of hanging decoration featuring the Wren, the Blackbird, and the Red Robin.  Along with the Red Breasted Robin. British garden birds are my favourite sight, they become familiar visitors to my garden and feathery friends (just don’t tell the cat).



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