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Give the gift of an artisan rune to a loved one. Choose one from the 24 set of Elder Futhark runes for divination, from the oldest Germanic rune alphabet.


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Each metal rune is hand cut, forged and distressed for a weathered finish. The five elements are represented in the coppersmith process, metal as the base material, forging through fire, quenching in water, air dried, and weathered with a deep patina colour for the earth.

Please choose the following options in the drop down menu:

Top Row (Freyr’s Aett)

1) Fehu (wealth) – success, power
2) Uruz (strength) – perseverance
3) Thurisaz (thorn) – defence, protection
4) Ansuz (knowledge) – communication, wisdom
5) Raidho (wheel) – rhythm, journey, cycles
6) Kennaz (torch) – creativity, light
7) Gebo (gift) – balance, relationships, exchange
8) Wunjo (joy) – harmony, balance

Middle Row (Hagal’s Aett)
9) Hagalaz (destruction) – overcoming obstacles, change, deconstruction to reconstruction
10) Nauthiz (need) – restriction, difficulty, a lack of, endurance
11) Isa (ice) – challenges, stagnation, no movement, waiting
12) Jera (year) – fruition, completion, cycles
13) Eihwaz (yew tree) – enlightenment, protection, end of the cycle
14) Perthro (mystery) – chance, secrets
15) Algiz (elk) – instinct, protection, taking risks
16) Sowilo (sun) – resources, cleansing, warmth, light

Bottom Row (Tyr’s Aett)
17) Tiwaz (god Tyr) – masculine, courage, overcome
18) Berkana (birch tree) – female reproduction, feminine, birth
19) Ehwaz (horse) – movement, change, travel
20) Mannaz (humanity) – help, connection, friendship
21) Laguz (water) – flow, intuition, trust
22) Inguz (seed) – male reproduction, growth, change
23) Othala (inheritance) – possessions, heritage, tradition
24) Dagaz (dawn) – breakthrough, growth, awaken


25) Odin’s rune – empty space, fate, destiny

Variation: Each piece is hand-crafted individually and will vary slightly in appearance. When ordering you will receive a replica of the original design using the same processing. Slight differences in the design will occur due to the hand-made nature of copper metalwork. The photographs in the gallery show a number of versions of the design on multiple backgrounds to give the most true to life image.

Metal: Solid copper metal with a patina finish that has been polished to reveal coppery highlights. The copper has been sealed with a hard wax to slow down the patina process. Over time the pieces will need buffing to restore the highlights.

Height: 2.9cm / 0.9 inches.

Width: 2cm / 0.6 inches.

Additional information

Rune Number

1) Fehu, 2) Uruz, 3) Thurisaz, 4) Ansuz, 5) Raidho, 6) Kennaz, 7) Gebo, 8) Wunjo, 9) Hagalaz, 10) Nauthiz, 11) Isa, 12) Jera, 13) Eihwaz, 14) Perthro, 15) Algiz, 16) Sowilo, 17) Tiwaz, 18) Berkana, 19) Ehwaz, 20) Mannaz, 21) Laguz, 22) Inguz, 23) Othala, 24) Dagaz, 25) Blank