We Love Rainy Days

We Love Rainy Days

As a child I have fond memories of my nana reading the A.A Milne books and poems to me. I remember distinctly her collection of old dog-eared books, where they sat in the shelf and how they smelt when she opened them.  These to me were the most precious moments, sat together on rainy days getting lost in our imaginations. One of my favourites is the poem 'Happiness', a lovely little rain poem that celebrates all things puddles and wet!

Happiness by A.A. Milne

"John Had Great Big Waterproof Boots on;

John had a Great Big Waterproof Hat;

John had a Great Big Waterproof Mackintosh --

And that (Said John) Is That."

We have a collection of rain, water and weather inspired designs and hope you love them too.


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