Copper Wedding Anniversary

Hand Made Copper Gifts

Each year of marriage is celebrated with the gift of a particular material or element, each being more solid and steadfast than the previous.   After your marriage has weathered quite a few years, you move into the tougher more dense materials such as metal and crystals.

There are some differences between the USA and UK years.  In the USA, for traditional America, copper is the anniversary gift given for the 7th year of marriage.  In modern America, copper is the 15th year of marriage. These dates are cited from the Chicago Public Library's Information Center (December 2000). In the UK, copper is celebrated on the 9th year of marriage in Great Britain as cited in the Pears Cyclopaedia, 1978-79 edition, "Wedding Anniversaries." L128.

Here are my picks of hand-made copper wedding anniversary gifts that celebrate all things copper: