Creative April Showers

I love everything rain! I am truly a water baby, so whether it is the ocean, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, rain, puddles and so on, I am constantly inspired by all things watery.  Many of my copper wire-work designs use the weather as my muse, so this month in April which is renowned for being very wet and rainy, I am sharing my rainy water inspired designs. Enjoy!

Rain Cloud Suncatcher

One of my most popular creations is this little hanging rain cloud.

Featuring five kinetic droplets of sparkly glass rain drops that sway gently with movement.

Rainy Days Suncatcher

This design is the ‘mother’ rain cloud, the larger of my two cloud decorations.

Featuring seven kinetic droplets made up of wire paddles and opalite and Czech glass beads.

Rain Drops Necklace

This necklace is adorned with beautiful shimmering grey moonstones beads.

Wrapped with oxidised copper wire work that gently frames the decolletage.

Rain Cloud Necklace

This design follows those familiary curves of fluffy grey clouds.

Featuring ten kinetic droplets of gemstone beads that glisten like rain falling to the ground.


Leafy Drop Necklace

A pretty necklace design with rolling rain drops off a tree branch.

Adorned with moonstone, amazonite and Chinese jade watery beads.


Rainy Umbrella Suncatcher

One of my whimsical hanging decorations, outlining the curves of an umbrella.

Featuring seven hanging rain droplets that sway with gentle movement.

Stained Glass Rain Clouds

A collaboration of British artists, Grainne from Glassworks for the stained glass droplets and Nicola from Earth Balance Craft for the wire-work clouds.

Using the classic rain cloud shape with a variety of coloured droplets.

Rain Drops Mobile

An abstract contemporary take on falling rain drops.

Featuring seven hanging droplets with cobalt blue table-cut glass beads.

Rain Storm Hanging Mobile

A luxury hanging mobile with 19 cobalt blue droplets.

This is the largest mobile I currently make, and is beautiful in the home.

Rain Storm Necklace

This statement necklace design features spiralling circles and gemstones.

Inspired by the looming sight of stormy grey rain clouds that frequently grace our shores.

Leafy Drop Earrings

This pair of earrings are part of my matching jewellery set ‘Leafy Drop’.

With a delicate moonstone bead that represents a rain droplet rolling off a branch.


Rainy Oak Leaf Decoration

This design has five opalite rain drops that are rolling off oak leaves.

A little hanging decoration for the home.


Rain Cloud Craft Tutorial

For hobby wire work artists out there, learn to make my little rain cloud.

This downloadable tutorial will take you through the complete process step by step.

Lightning Bolt Cloud

Stormy weather ahead! This decoration draws inspiration from thunder clouds.

Featuring a sparkly lighting bolt that sways gently.


Dew Drop Chandelier

A large water droplet adorned with gemstones, sea glass and Czech glass beads.

This hanging decoration loves a sunny window.



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