Summer Garden Suncatchers

We all love summery days with plenty of warm hazy sunshine, it’s a magical time of year when all the trees and flowers are in bloom, with the soft sounds of a gentle breeze rustling through woodland like a beautiful melody (when it’s not tipping it down!).  I make a range of suncatchers that come to life in the summer sun, as a designer I love creating designs that play with light, with translucent semi-precious gemstones and glass that radiate and glow.

All wrapped up with layers of decorative copper wire work, with a rich and deep patina finish that is polished to reveal the warm coppery metallic highlights. With depth and texture, my designs play with beautiful shapes and negative space, so whether you hang them in the window or out in the garden, they sparkle and shine all year round. Visit my collection of suncatchers and hanging ornaments for the home and garden.